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Zebulon Foreman, DNP, MSN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner


At Oasis Primary Care Clinic, our mission is simple - to provide high quality, affordable, and patient centered health care to the community in which we serve by enabling access to comprehensive care. 

  • Our goal is to improve the health of our community through education and prevention.

  • We want to provide you with an excellent experience each and every visit.

Why choose a Nurse Practitioner?

The health care system is complicated and finding a health care provider can be a challenge. But with the growing popularity of Nurse Practitioner's (NPs) as primary care providers, access to quality health care has become easier. Clinical research has shown that Nurse Practitioners provide quality care with high patient satisfaction rates. Nurse Practitioners focus on the whole person, providing a range of services that concentrate on patients mental and physical well being and we counsel about making lifestyle choices that may reduce their disease risk.

"Excellent Service!!! Affordable pricing and quality of service is absolutely the best!!! The Nurse Practitioner is also very thorough in diagnosing the issue and is very personable to each and every one of the patient. You feel that she truly is concerned about your well being."


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